Project period: 1.9.2017 – 31.8.2020

Participating organisations:V.I.A.C. – Inštitút pre podporu a rozvoj mládeže, Slovakia (beneficiary)

Trendum, o.p.s. Czech Republic (partner)

MTÜ Tartu Katoliku Hariduskeskus, Estonia (partner)

This strategic partnership project is realized with the cooperation of three partners: two non-governmental organisations from Slovakia and from the Czech Republic, and primary school from Estonia.

The main aim of the project is to form the attitudes of young people, mainly in the field of tolerance to diversity and in the field of making decisions about important questions of their lives and bearing consequences for them, through larps as an educational method.

Specific objectives of the project:

  • To make larps as educational method, that can be used in non-formal and also in formal education, more visible.
  • To develop critical thinking of young people.
  • To teach young people to look at the different problematic situation through eyes of another person.
  • To support strengthening of young people’s attitudes through continuous work with experience from larp as a way self-development.
  • Increase the impact of youth organisation and school activities in the field of forming attitudes of young people.

There will be following intellectual outputs created:

  • Methodology of measuring attitudes of young people:
  • Larps
  • Methodology of forming attitudes of young people in non-formal and formal education

To confirm, that larps really influence the attitudes of young people, we need a method that will be able to measure them before they enter larp and then again after larp, to see the difference.

We will develop questionnaires that will be used for identification of preliminary level of participants as well as for identification of their growth after finishing the programmes.

The questionnaires will be tested within the second intellectual outputs – larps. At the same time we will test the questionnaires also in the groups that won’t participate in education, so we can see the difference, how the attitudes of young people changed after the programmes are finished.

We will also publish methodology, how to work with questionnaires in these programmes.

The main output of this project will be 8 created larps with the topics connected to the situation in our societies, and also with the actual topics, young people solve nowadays in our countries. There will be 4 different areas of interest:

  • Decision – the first area will be focused on decision in demanding life situation and on bearing responsibility for them.
  • Consequences – second area will be focused on consequences, our decisions or behaviour bring.
  • Diversity – third area will be focused on development of tolerance and diversity understanding of other people.
  • Ideology – last area will be focused on ideologies leading to extremism.

We will create two larps in every area and adapt them for non-formal as well as formal education. Then we will test them in the groups of young people.

As soon as larps are ready we will prepare following activities for every larp, developing the experience further.

As the last output we prepare complex methodology of attitudes forming. First part will be focused on definition of attitudes and on methods of development. Next part will be focused on larp as a method of education, including basic principles of using them in educational processes, ways of introducing larps, rules of psychical safety of players and the process of leading the reflection afterwards. Last part of methodology will be focused on following activities forming attitudes permanently.

Project dissemination:

Dissemination larp conference for youth workers and teachers

In the frame of spreading results of this project we plan to realize conferences in every participating country, where our target group will be able to try larps, because concrete experience from larp can bring them much more than only speaking about them. In the conferences, there will also be workshops connected to the project topic, for examples another examples of using larps in education, games introducing, work with experience, extremist attitudes of young people and so on.

Training activities:

Training course Larp as an educational method

Training course will be held in Slovakia and will be intended for pedagogical workers and youth workers from participating countries.

The main aim of the training course is to introduce larp as educational method to participants and to teach them how to use them for forming the attitudes of young people in formal and non-formal education.

The programme will be prepared in the way, where participants can meet all the wideness of the problematic, from attitudes forming to concrete larp games.

The training course will be for 30 participants, 10 per each country – 5 teachers and 5 youth workers.

Participants will all the time work in international groups and there will be also a created space for sharing their experience and good practise examples.

Regionaalsete investeeringutoetuste programm

Tartu Pühima Neitsi Maarja Pärispatuta Saamise Õdede Kongregatsiooni Kloostrile võimaldati Tartu Katoliku lasteaia ja algkoolimaja turvalisuse ja energiatõhususe suurendamiseks 120 000 €.

Käesoleva projekti raames teostati Tartu Katoliku Hariduskeskuse lasteaia ja algkooli hoones järgmised ehitustööd:

Vahetati välja kõik aknad ning teostati vahetusega seotud viimistlustööd;

remonditi hoone trepid, mille käigus eemaldati amortiseerunud osad, plaaditi trepimademed, restaureeriti vanade trepimademete plaadid, paigaldati uued trepiastmed, paigaldati puitkäsipuu ning korrastati trepipiirde kõrgendus;

remonditi trepikodade laed, seinad ja trepimarsid;

remonditi vundament ja soklikorrus. Nende tööde käigus asendati katkised paekivist soklikivid, puhastati sokli maapealne osa, taastati kahjustatud vuugid, puhastati ja immutati veetõkkevahendiga sokli karniis, ehitati valguskastid keldriakendele, likvideeriti niiskuskahjustused keldrikorrusel, hüdroisoleeriti vundament väljaspoolt, korrastati vihmavee äravoolurennid hoone esiküljel ning tehti vundamendi ja sokli remondiga seotud viimistlustööd.